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Reva digital denture

Made in Japan 3D printed biocompatible silicone denture.

Reva is our original 3D printed silicone denture brand which applied biocompatible silicone on the mucosal surface and 3D printing technology. Our silicone relieves chewing pain when the patient is using the denture.


Reva product line

​​※ Now available only for complete denture


silicone relining


(With silicone relining)

Biocompatible soft silicone processing on the mucosal surface of 3D printed denture base.
It supports occlusal force and improves the fitting.

Note: Thickness is 3.5mm.


(No silicone relining)

3D printed resin denture base. 
Recommend for those who want to make a set of digital dentures. Reva hard is suitable for the upper and Reva (with soft silicone relining) is suitable for the lower. 

Note: Thickness is 2.5 mm. 


(Try-in denture)

You can use white to check the defective part for advanced adjustment and design. We do coloring on the front teeth so the patient can use it during the trial time without any reserve.

Note: Thickness is 2.5mm.


Digital denture benefits

silicone digital denture

Duplicate easily

Benefits of 3D Printed Denture (Dental Clinic side):

1.Simple order

2.Short delivery time

3.Reduce chair time

4.Easy re-print

The doctor scans currently dentures or uses an intraoral scanner to scan the patient mouth. 
Then the doctor sends us the data, we print the denture base, relining biocompatible soft silicone and send it back to the dental clinic.

After receiving your scan data, we can finish all processes (design, print denture base, relining biocompatible soft silicone) within only five working days.

By reducing chair time, it will save a lot of effort and labor cost as well.
3D printed denture is manufactured base on the digital data, so the dentist can reduce the visit times from 5 ~ 8 times in a traditional way to 2~3 times with the digital process.

In the case of patients who lost or broke their dentures. You can simply re-order it from the website. New dentures can re-print it from previous data, so it is unnecessary to take an additional impression.

Why our Reva denture?

Biocompatible soft silicone relining 

Reva uses a unique biocompatible soft silicone relining technology to help patients chew more comfortable.
It is a unique denture relining biocompatible silicone on the mucosal surface of the 3D printed denture base. Biocompatible silicone has been developed for about 20 years and had been loved by hundreds of thousands of Japanese denture patients and doctors. Now we bring silicone relining technology worldwide with Reva the latest 3D printed denture.

3D printed silicone denture

Denture base material:  Dima 3D resin (Kulzer)

Developed by Japanese denture professionals.

Japan is considered a super-aged society. 29.1 % of the total Japanese population aged over +65 years old, and the number of denture users in Japan. To provide oral health care for those patients, the Japanese health insurance systems cover denture treatment and denture prosthesis research widely conducted in various cases in Japan. That is why Japanese denture treatment (especially complete dentures) consider as most advanced and experienced. Moreover, the specialized field of national qualified dental technicians manufactures dentures. That is why you can leave it to us without worry.

Overseas reva_202104_ver4_edited.jpg

Note: You can join our Japan Denture professionals Group
          (Free group) to get more information.

Our silicone elasticity is the softest in the world 0.82MPA which is the same elasticity as the thin oral mucosa of the residual ridge. The elasticity of our silicone doesn’t have any effect during long-time usage or temperature change. Also, our silicone can create a suction effect and form a vacuum-like strong bond between the denture and oral mucosa.

Click the link below to find how the silicone relining base is different from the traditional resin base by seeing and hearing the sound.  

Biocompatible soft silicone softness

3D printed silicone denture
3D printed silicone denture
3D printed silicone denture_lower
3D printed silicone denture_pair
3D printed silicone denture

A soft silicone cushion for your oral mucosa

can allow the following.

Reduce the chewing pain

Improve the fit & stability

Bite strong with denture!

Reva service


1. Reva denture 

    design service 

If you already have all the necessary equipment for 3D denture fabricating, such as IOS, Lab scanners, and 3D printers, even if you don't have digital denture design experience, we can help.
Click the link below to receive detailed and service information and quotation.


2. Reva denture 

     manufacturing full service

The full service from design step to final 3D printed denture fabrication.

There 2 types of 3D denture fabrication

Denture Designing

Final denture printing

Silicone relining


※only available
for rēva 

The available case for Reva

Reva (soft silicone relined): 3.5mm

Reva hard (no silicone relining): 2.5mm
Reva white (trial denture): 2.5mm


3D printed silicone relining denture

1. Available jaw

Reva denture is only available for Edentulous Jaw

3D printed silicone relining denture

2. Reva denture thicknessble jaw

Reva (soft silicone relined): 3.5mm

Reva hard (no silicone relining): 2.5mm
Reva white (trial denture): 2.5mm

3D printed silicone relining denture

3. Interocclusal distance

Interocclusal distance from 5mm 

If the intermaxillary distance is 5mm or less, the mandibular trailing edge shall become shorter

Q1: Is it possible to add reinforcement ?

Unfortunately not.

Q2: Is it possible to make a magnet denture? (General attachments)

In a denture setting time, the magnet can temporarily attach it to the oral cavity with self-curing resin. However, we do not recommend it because the base of the attachment part becomes thin and it is easy to break.

Q3: Is it possible to make palateless dentures?

Unfortunately not.

Q4: How long can I use Reva?

Regarding the silicone part, some people can use it for 5 to 8 years when using our Clene every day (denture cleaner), but if there is little saliva secretion such as oral conditions or taking medicine, there is a possibility that you will use 2 to 3 years and then reprint it.
In addition to the silicone part,  considering the state of abrasion of the artificial tooth part, it is recommended to reprint every few years if necessary.

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