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I. How to maintenance Reva

1.1 Adjustment

Please use the fine bar for adjustment points. Please be careful, if you scrape with a coarse bar it will tip easily.

1.2. Replacement and re-arrangement of artificial

Replacement and re-arrangement of artificial tooth shall be made by reprinting, not repairing.

1.3. Cleaning

We recommend using a neutral denture cleaner for cleaning the reva. There is a risk of discolouration or decolourization when using a strong acid, strongly alkaline type etc cleaning agent.

We recommend using our denture cleaner "Clene" for cleaning the denture. In environments that are difficult to use Clene daily? Please let the patient know that denture reprinting is available.

1.4. Fall down

Please be careful not to drop reva. Compare to general heat-polymerized resin, this product has a higher risk of breakage due to dropping.

II. About materials

2.1. What are the materials of denture base and artificial tooth?

Photopolymer resin
* Since the artificial tooth and the denture base material are the same, the risk that artificial tooth detachment as in the past is unlikely to occur.

III. About the design

3.1. Is it possible to add reinforcement?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add reinforcement to Reva denture.

3.2. Is it possible to make a magnet denture? (General attachments)

In a denture setting time, the magnet can temporarily attach it to the oral cavity with self-curing resin.
However, we do not recommend it because the base of the attachment part becomes thin and it is easy to break.

3.3. Is it possible to make palateless dentures?

Unfortunately not.

3.4. Is it possible to specify the shade of artificial teeth?

You can choose the shade from A1-A3.5. Please fill in your choice in the order form.

3.5. Is it possible to specify the thickness of Reva?

Overall, the thickness of silicone relining is uniform (about 0.8 mm). We cannot accept detailed instructions. The standard thickness of the denture base is 2.5 mm for Reva hard and Reva white, and 3.5 mm for Reva. We cannot produce Reva with a thickness smaller than this standard.

3.6. Is it possible to specify the amount of lip support and individual arrangement?

Yes, but individual arrangements may take time longer than usual. We ask you to provide specific models and photos of the arrangement and detailed instructions.

IV. About the processing

4.1. What should I do if I want to replace the silicone of Reva?

We can reprint, or make a new Reva or Reva white after the impression. 

4.2. What should I do if I want to make it more functional than my current denture?

1). Try it in Reva white
2). If you want to make the denture more stable, we recommend that you take a dynamic impression before scanning.
* Please access the QR on the right and see how to get a dynamic impression.

4.3. Is it possible to place an order without a trial?

A: Basically, the trial is for chicking in advance and it is possible to make Reva without trial. If you have problems with dentures, perform the occlusal adjustment and mucosal adjustment as usual. (If necessary, re-bite the wash impression and send it back.) After that, we can complete it as it is, or if necessary, we can print the trial denture again and you can use it to check again in the oral cavity. (it will be charged additionally).
If you want to give instructions to correct the arrangement, please use wax or give specific instructions such as how many millimetres. For correcting the molar's arrangements, if it is necessary to correct the arrangement position of the molars, Correct the arrangement position of the artificial teeth by scraping the resin or adding wax.

4.4. Is it possible to change to a 3D printed denture from the middle of making a wax denture?

Yes, it is possible. However, please note that the arrangement will not be exactly the same as the trial dentures you sent, as we will design a new arrangement with reference to the wax dentures.

V. Other

5.1. Can I duplicate my current denture?

Yes. If the thickness of the current denture is thinner than the specified thickness of reva and reva hard, please note that the product will be delivered after being modified to maintain the specified thickness.

 5.2. How long can I use Reva?

Regarding the silicone part, some people can use it for 5 to 8 years when using our Clene every day (denture cleaner), but if there is little saliva secretion such as oral conditions or taking medicine, there is a possibility that you will use 2 to 3 years and then reprint it.
In addition to the silicone part,  considering the state of abrasion of the artificial tooth part, it is recommended to reprint every few years if necessary.

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