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Reva maintenance


Silicone relining 3D printed denture needs to be cleaned daily. Leaving dirty dentures can cause many effects. 

・Dirt on dentures may cause inflammation of the gums. 

・Dirt on the silicone surface of a denture can cause a reduction of adsorption force and dentures easily become loosened.
・If the dirt attached becomes hardened, it will hurt the patient when using dentures.
・Leaving dirty dentures may cause oral candida bacteria and aspiration pneumonia.

Silicone stain.png

Reva silicone easily gets stained depending on the patient's mouth condition. If denture maintenance is not taken, the denture may get stains as shown above. (The dirt differences individual).

Please wash Reva with a neutral cleaning agent and rinse with water every day. If the stain does not come off even after long-term soaking and cleaning, please consult your dentist.


Daily care is important to keep Reva clean and comfortable.

Please explain to patients how to maintain Reva denture hygiene.

1. Brush With A Denture Brush

Thoroughly rinse the denture under running water to wash away any food or debris. Use a soft-bristled denture brush to gently brush the dentures until clean. Brush from the teeth all the way to the edges of the denture.

2. Clean & Soak with Cleaning Solution

Dissolve one capsule of the cleaning solution and put it into 200ml of water. Put the denture into the solution and leave it to soak. When selecting a container, make sure it is big enough that the denture is completely inside of the solution.

3. Remove From Solution And Rinse

After removing the denture from the cleaning solution, brush it again under running water. Brushing the denture after soaking itovernight in a cleaning solution removes hidden food particles and debris. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent oral health problems.

4. Reinsert Your Clean Dentures

Once the denture has been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, it is safe to put back in mouth. Daily care will keep the denture clean and comfortable.


When using Reva, please make sure to follow the following precautions!

It is recommended that ask your dentist to do regular checkups and inspections such as engagement after start using Reva dentures.

・ Do not rub or cut the silicon surface.

・ Do not use toothpaste for cleaning.

・ Do not use denture adhesive's

・ Use a neutral denture cleaning agent

・ Do not pull the edge of denture

・ Remove denture before taking medicine with posder.

・ After eating colored foods, rinse it under running water.

・ Make sure not clean your dentures by boiling!

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