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Reva denture design service

Digital denture design service

from Japanese denture professionals.

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If you already have all the necessary equipment for 3D denture manufacturing, such as IOS or Lab-scanner, 3D printers etc. We can help you even if you are not familiar with digital denture design experience.
This design service is for Reva hard (resin denture) and Reva white (try-in) dentures only. And for Reva (3D printed silicone denture), a manufacturing full service is required.

This design service production doesn't include nest setting and file preparation for printing.

Design service types 

Design service is not available for Reva (silicone relining 3D printed denture)

Design service detail 

1. Design by duplicating the existing denture

  •  Based on the STL data of the current dentures you scanned, we will design a finishing denture to fabricate the digital dentures. The morphology and attrition of the artificial tooth are all reflected. In addition, the shape of the denture base is also reflected, but the thickness needs to be at least 2.5 mm.

  • If you want to revise scanned data (large range) for scanning defects, an additional fee will be charged (from 60 USD ~/ time). A little data correction adjustment will be handled within the price (data deficiencies in deep undercuts, etc.).  

  • We will not modify the shape of artificial teeth or teeth arrangement in this option.




(Not available for  silicone relining 3D printed denture)

■The necessary data for duplicating denture design:    The existing denture scan data

Anchor 1

2. Design the new denture

  • Based on the STL data from you, we will create a new design arrangement for manufacturing the digital denture. For the artificial teeth, we use data specified by our company.

Option A: Only order try-in or final denture design

Reva hard or Reva white new denture design


(No silicone relining)


(Try-in denture)

Please choose Option A in case you don’t need to make a Try-in denture in advance.

Option B: Set of Try-in & Final denture design 

Reva hard and Reva white new denture design


(No silicone relining)


(Try-in denture)

We recommend option B in case you need to make a Try-in denture in advance.

  • After the A design is completed, we will deliver the design that state of unable to download. Minor adjustments (denture base thickness adjustment only) will be handled free of charge only once. After the adjustments, it will be delivered in a downloadable state.

  • After the B design is completed, it will be delivered in a downloadable state. Minor adjustments (thickness of denture base, angle correction of artificial teeth, etc.) will be handled free of charge only once.

  • Large design arrangements such as impression and bite registration data configurations will be charged as a regular design fee.

  • If you want to do with a TRY-IN denture, we recommend Option B. (2-design pack).

Design new deture

■The necessary data for new denture design:    

スクリーンショット (439).png

1. Impression scanning data  


2. Occlusal scanning data. 

reva 0615.jpg

3. Opposing dentition 

3. Delivery data

  • Delivery data includes three types as below: 

(1) Teeth data

(2) Base data

(3) Teeth with base data 

  • Delivery data will be monochrome data.

  • CAM data is not included. Please produce CAM data based on the design.

4. Lab working time

  • The design data package will be sent on the third business day from the next business day of data reception.

  • The delivery date of design correction of Option B will be counted as the new design workflow

  • The payment has to finish in advance by the settlement method
       Ex: If data reception and payment are done on Nov 22th, we will send data on Nov 26th. 

5. Order flow


Step 1

Fill the order form

digital denture design

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Scan the existing denture or take the digital occlusion data and send us.

Do the payment

(Paypal or settlement payment)

We design and send designed denture data back.

​Lab working time: 3 days.

How to take digital data

How to scan complete denture

How to scan plaster model and wax rims

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