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The full service for Reva final denture from denture designing, manufacturing and relining silicone. 

As we said here our Reva denture uses a unique biocompatible soft silicone relining technology to help patients chew more comfortable. We haven't found anywhere that has the same materials and technique as similar as our silicone. Now, by digital method, it's easy to make a silicone denture with a few steps. Just send us data, and we will send you a chewable denture. 

Manufacturing method 

There are 2 ways to manufacture Reva based on the condition of denture users. 

1. Duplicating the existing denture 

2. ​Manufacturing a whole new Reva or Reva hard

1. Duplicating the existing denture

  • You can make duplicate dentures with the same artificial denture shape, arrangement, and attrition as the current denture.

  • Artificial tooth shape and attrition, and the shape of the denture base shall be the same, but the thickness will be the standard thickness required for duplication.  (Reva hard: 2.5 mm, Reva 3.5 mm)

1.1. Recommended use

  • Recommended for the patient who likes the existing denture and only wants to "easily renew" or "solve a small trouble".

1.2. Manufacturing flow image

スクリーンショット (437).png
Design service_edited_edited.jpg
Reva digital denture

If you have an existing denture

Scan your denture by IOS or Lab Scanner

Send us your STL data, we design duplicate denture data.

We print, reline silicone, and send it back to you.

1.3. The necessary data for duplicating denture

■The necessary data for duplicating denture design:    The existing denture scan data

2.  Manufacturing a whole new Reva or Reva hard

  • You can make a new denture by arranging the mucous membrane and oral surface based on the current (old) denture. (If you don't have a denture or don't want to refer to the existing denture, it needs to take a dental impression and bite impression for making a denture.)

  • Artificial teeth are our specified artificial teeth.

  • If you want to fit the mucosal surface better, please do an occlusal pressure impression, and for bite up, please specify the bite position with wax.

2.1. Recommended use

  • When the artificial tooth is damaged, the bite changes due to wear, or the change of teeth arrangement. When making a denture based on the current denture, it is possible to make a denture with less burden on the patient. When making a new arrangement, artificial tooth shapes will also be updated. 

2.2. Manufacturing flow image

neccessary data for new denture processing.png

Taking the necessary digital impression
(Impression,  Occlusal, Opposing dentition)

Design service_edited_edited.jpg

Send us your STL data, we design your new denture.

silicone relining 3D printed denture

We print, reline silicone, and send it back to you.

2.3. The necessary data for manufacturing whole new denture

1. Scan the impression 

2. Scan occlusal bite block

3. Scan opposing dentition 

Upper denture scan data.png

3.  Manufacturing order flow 

3.1. Check if your case are available for Reva

・Click the link below and find out if your denture is an available case in advance.

3.2. Make order & Scan necessary data

・Take the impression scanning data, opposite jaw scanning data, and occlusal scanning data. Click the below button to find out how to take impression data. 

・For denture duplication option just scans the existing denture.

・After finishing the scanning, please fill in the ORDER FORM below button. 

・After filling out the order form, please send us the scan data (STL data) via the below email.

      Note: you can use

3.3. Do the payment

・Payment need to be done in advance.

・We use PayPal or the settlement method for payment. So you can easily do payments with your credit card.


3.4. Manufacturing

・After you finish the payment, we will design & print the denture base.

・We will contact you for checking the design if it necessary.

・Biocompatible soft silicone relining will be procced by our dental technicians by the analogue method.

3.5. Delivery

・We will deliver your product after five working days. 

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