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Reva sample

Reva samples can help you consult your patient easier. The patient can touch the silicone path and know more clearly the silicone softness. Here we have two types of samples.

1. Reva denture sample: 3D printed resin denture with soft silicone relining. 

2. Reva hard denture sample: 3D printed resin denture only, no soft silicone relining. 


(Soft silicone relining)

145USD/ arch + shipping cost


(No silicone relining)

85USD/ arch + shipping cost


1. The above price doesn't include shipping costs from Japan. The service cost will be different depending on the express delivery company. Our company use FedEx or DHL to deliver products. 

2. Reva sample is built to order manufacturing service. The expected delivery date is about seven working days or more, based on the number of orders. We will inform you of the exact information when we receive the order from you. 

3. Payment method is Paypal or settlement payment. 

4. No returns or exchanges. 

Flyer for the patient

Reva denture flyer for the patient

Flyer content:
- Reva denture introduction
- Reva maintenance (How to use Reva denture for a long time).

- Flyer size: A4, 2 pages 

Feel free to download flyer data from the link below

Reva_Patient fyler_A4.png


Reva_Patient fyler_A4 (1).png


Denture cleaning flyer
(A4, 2 pages)  

Denture Clene introduction 
This is the essential items for soft lining denture users

Feel free to download flyer data from the link below

Clene flyer.png


Clene flyer_2110.jpg


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